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Opinions from the experts please!


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Ok, I have ordered a misty creek mold. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. I will be ordering an upland or a mr. doright in the future. I just cant help myself...hehehe

Anyways, I have been playing with the soap calc to get used to it, and what I can do etc...I have come up with a soap formula that I am excited to try, but I would like some feedback.

20% castor

20% coconut oil

10% lard

15% olive oil

15% mango butter

10% shea butter

10% palm kernel


40 hardness

19 cleansing

56 conditioning

36 bubbly lather

39 creamy lather

55 iodine

149 INS

Any and all opinions are appreciated. I have to wait for my butters from a co-op, and my PKO from a classified, and I still have to buy the lye. I have a stick blender, goggles, gloves, etc...ready. And my mold should be here in a few days :highfive: . Still researching, and I am anticipating starting this in about 2 1/2 weeks. (we are going out of town for a few days next week, so no choice on starting earlier...darn it all already.) Do you think this would be a good bar to try? Also, I am going to try to scent it with Fresh brewed coffee from BCN, does anyone know if this one is a fast accelerator? Thank you to all for your help!

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Hmmmm...no expert here. But I'd bump the castor down to 10% and add the 10% you subtracted to the olive. Too much castor will make a soft bar, and too high a % of certain oils can contribute to DOS. Olive is one of the most stable liquid oils going, and high in conditioning oleic fatty acids.

Other than that, looks like a rockin' recipe! :) It's a bit higher on hard oils than I typically use, but then again sometimes you have to TRY a recipe to see how it really works. It can look good on paper, but you won't know for sure until you try it. Besides, sometimes you have to color outside the lines a little bit to achieve something different.

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Thank you for the response! I inputed the changes you suggested into the soap calc, and liked the results. I also did one with a 5% drop. So, now I have three recipes to try! Forgot about the DOS, I guess I really wont know what happens until I try it! I originally chose the 20% for the healing properties of the castor oil, and to counter the drying properties of the coconut and the palm, so I was surprised at the qualities results. I am going to have alot of fun playing! Now to look at colors and frangrances......:grin2:

anyone else have any opinions? being a soaper virgin is exciting!

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Thank you to everyone who responded. Since I still have a couple of weeks, I think I am going to play a bit more with the soap calc. I have been reading up on the properties of castor oil, and find that with the oxidation of it, I could see it producing DOS, so I am going to research some more.

Another question, do I need to add any preservatives to the soap? I know you have to add it to B&B products, but just wondering about the cp soap?

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Another question, do I need to add any preservatives to the soap? I know you have to add it to B&B products, but just wondering about the cp soap?

No preservatives needed. Keep reading up on the properties of oils! Excellent starting point. Castor at 5-10% is a great addition; it really helps to boost bubbles. In a castile, the addition of castor cuts the slime feeling of 100% olive.

The reason I cut your butters is this; I find an excess of 10% to be costly overkill that does not improve overall batch quality.


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