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SNOWTOP CLOSED soy users where to find GB415 wax?

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I have used Snowtop since she first opened so I feel your pain! :-)

So far I am planning on buying mine at Candle Science....shipping is very reasonable for 200 pounds..and the price of the wax was less than I was paying thru Snowtop. I'll be going thru Durham on vacation this year so planning on stopping at CS on the way home and loading up on supplies. Not sure what we'll do with the luggage. LOL

Millcreek is another option.


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I have been using SNOWTOPS soy wax and since she closed~does anyone have any suggestions where to find this wax GB415 at a comparable price?Or suggestions for a one pour "better" soy with excellent cold & hot throw?TIA

If your talking about Golden Brands 415, then I would check with them, maybe email Jason to see who sells it in your area. The Candlemakers Store has it, they are in NW Cincinnati, OH.

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I just wanted to say ..."HI"..to all you snowtop'ers!!!


I have decided to figure out my supplies ahead of time, to just pick-up all my supplies 2 times a year at... the candle source...here in Ohio. THis will save me nearly hundreds in shipping costs each yr.


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They are wonderful- they have tons of different scents, offer free samples w/purchases and offer free ups ground w/purchases over $100.

It's good to try a sample size first, though, as some scents aren't as strong. I've tried a lot of the popular ones, so anyone can email me to ask about particular ones I may have tried. violet@violetsexoticcandles.com

Have a great day! :)

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