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For those who use soy wax, what is some...


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I use 100 % soy from Snowtop and I find that all of their oils are wonderful in soy. I have also been testing all my samples from the CandleScience sale and they have also been working great in the soy wax. I also have good luck with Fragrance Oil Heaven and Aroma Heaven.

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i use 100% soy (mc's) most all of millcreek's oils have a great strong throw in 100% soy. some others oils i use and are also very good are;

ics's- some need 2 wks cure time.

thecandlesource's-great, inexpensive


i've only used a couple from snowtop they are great also.

tennessee candle supply- all of them that i have tried have been wonderful.


ah/re's most all that i have tried have been great.

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Snowtop--I use 90% of hers, great oils, gotta try her key lime pie, its my favorite! Thanks Angie ;)

Just Scent---Many are excellent for us, and her prices are excellent. I love Becky. I can't live without my caramel cinnamon latte and toffee machiatto. These are too die for!

Aroma Haven--just starting to test, and Celtic Moonspice, Grasshopper Pie, Flannel Sheets, are all Dynamite!!!

FOH---Another supplier that has excellent oils, LOVE her stuff!!! Apple strudel, euc spearmint, carrot cake, gingerbread (?), chocolate dipped strawberries, white chocolate karibu, caramel dip

Daystar--I don't care what they cost, Stacy has some of the best oils on the planet and they are so strong!!!!!

KY---every single one is excellent for us, she has consistant throwers in soy. I always order a pound when her new scents come out, I feel very confident that her oils will throw or she wouldn't add them to her lineup.

Flickers----I am really getting into this company. She has a great nose, and her scents are dead on to the descriptions. LOVE cranberry fig, Pecan Pie, Rhubarb Plum, Caramel Clouds

Wildfire Creations---LOVE this company. The best mac apple out there IMO, Fireside Inn, Winter Blast, Apple Strudel, caramelicious, between the sheets

Solas--Pumpkin Spice!!!! Guava Berry

Heartfelt---love her oils, she has great customer service and is very helpful.

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