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Need Some Help with Naming a Color


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I know, that sounds a little strange! One of my wholesale contracts is having me create tinted lip balm for them. Well, I had nailed a beautiful deep red a few weeks ago (named Ruby Slipper, because that's exactly what it looked like! LOL).

Well, they placed an order for them :yay:, and I picked up the supplies I needed to fill it. And my supplier accidently gave me Orange instead of Red. So I now have a pot of Reddish Orange Lip Balm. I've played with it some, added a little blue and a touch of red, and now have a very nice coral. My wholesale guy is interested in more colors, so this isn't really as big a problem as we originally thought (imagine my horror when I increased my batch size, and suddenly had a TOTALLY different color than I was supposed to have!).

Except after the panic and emotional upheaval I've had this morning, my brain is creatively fried. While I'm waiting for my husband to pick up more of the RIGHT colorant, so I can make the CORRECT batch tonight, I'm creating labels for what I currently have. I'm going to go ahead and pitch them the coral color, but I simply cannot come up with a name for the color.

The best I can come up with at the moment is Coral Dreams. I like it, but it's not 100% grabbing me. But after coming up with that one name, my brain totally stalled.

So I'm hoping for a creativity jump start from you incredibly helpful souls! (I feel bad...I'm on so many soaping yahoo groups, but I always come to ask my questions here now, because I've found you guys so much more helpful [as well as prompt]).

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How about Tropical Days (or Dreams or Sunset) for the coral one? I always think beachy when I think of coral colors. Or what about Tropics.

For the burgandy....I think of rich elegant victorian bedrooms, so why not Boudoir?

I really suck at names though.



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Okie dokie, lemme try! :-)

How bout....

For the coral:

Coral Charisma (or switch them around to Charisma Coral)

Tropical Spring

Classy Coral

Coral Tide

Sunset Peach

Fire Coral

For the Burgundy:

Burgundy Boquet

Deep Kisses

Wine & Wishes

Satin Sheets

Rose Bordeux ( that's a wine right?lol)

Burgeoning Burgundy ------ohhh, k, lol. That my cue to stop, lol.

Oh oh, wait, lol.. one more: since it's spring....Blossoming Burgundy:yes:

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My husband has been very inspirational today. He came up with "Coral Crush" for the coral tinted one. We're still working on something for the burgundy. He said "Embrace", but I keep wanting something involving the color in with the name. These are in white tubes, and shrink wrapped, so they won't be able to open the tubes. (their request to sell them this way, not mine. I'd avoid shrink-wrapping in a heart beat if they'd let me LOL!) I've got a color strip on the labels matching the color as best I can, but I still haven't come up with a name that really GRABS me. More help ladies? I've really enjoyed the suggestions so far. It's definitely helped get the juices rolling. We don't need to use the word "burgundy", but I want something to help signify that deep red.

Thanks again!

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I like Coral Crush. Catchy name!! I was gonna suggest Coral Sunset. But I like Coral Crush better!! Very creative husband you got there!! LOL

For the burgundy color, how about a wine name?




Lordy, people are gonna think I'm a wino!! LOL Ohhh!!!!!!!!

How about SANGRIA??????? oooohhhhh... I like that!!! LOL

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Thanks everyone! You guys definitely helped, but I knew you would! :D

I went with Coral Crush for the first one. DH came up with that one. I needed to move quickly (delivered the order last night, and it should already be on a plane to Taiwan this morning with one of his colleagues), so I went with Bordeaux for the other one. It hasn't really grabbed me yet, but I couldn't come up with anything that really did. But I told him that, and said the color name may be changing, that I needed to name it something.

So I'll probably write everything down that was suggested, and see if anything jumps out at me, or if any blends of words jump out at me. I'm used to playing around with names until something jumps out at me and practically shouts "this is my name!"

Thanks again!

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