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Anyone Tried Making Silicone Bulbs for Electric Candles

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I tried making some a few years ago and never again. It was a mess and I couldn't get them smooth at all. I've since read that they smell when lit but I would think the smell would go away after awhile. It was a challenge to figure out where to put them while drying. I used an egg carton, poked some holes in it, and stuck in the bulbs.:D

It will be interesting to see if others have made them successfully.


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Been there, tried to and it's A MESS!!!!! and it STINKS!!!! LOL

I can't imagine making them all day..a bunches of them.

U will need serious ventilation making these, and then to figure out how to hang them to dry...

what i did is I got fishing line thread....wrap it around the edge of bulb

and then made a laundry line...ya know what i mean...so then it's ready for dipping.....

you would take your cup of melted silicone and pull the bulb down into the cup and turn cup to swirl the bulb....and wella done, and hope no one walks by it and get hair caught on them and all that lol



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It didn't come out smooth...that's impossible

it's came out like a twist, like an icecream twist..lol

it's cute..loved it...you can scent them with f/o mix in the silicone

But i didn't, also can be colored, not sure on what would color the silicone..didn't do that either...

i've also taken white string light strand and hung them like laundry line and dip silicone on them to and that's easy as heck..just dip and out...no swirling or anything.

No they didn't smell when used while lit.

but u know, if it's plain and simple, i'd leave that to the master that can do it.

lol plus it's cheaper and less time consuming..lol

now if u can do the scented,colored bulbs, those are cool!!

I buy mine from another crafter that does this only as her business.


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