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WOWZA!! Just received my custom blended lotion base in the mail yesterday and OH Boy is it NICE!!! Lindsay is wonderful to work with! I would highly recommend that anyone who is looking for a lotion base that they can call their own.....without having to learn how to make it themselves....check out Soapers Workshop. You just won't be disappointed! And the really nice thing is....you get to design it yourself! AND you can take one base and add to it to make several different "types" of lotion! I could not be happier with the service and end product! And because it is condensed down....you save a ton on shipping as you aren't paying for shipping cases of gallon jugs. Not meaning to sound like a commercial here......but I am very impressed with everything she has done.

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Ok, you're evil.

I just spent a half hour looking over a custom creation. I probably going to spend money today that I wasn't planning on spending lol.

Thanks for posting this, It sounds kind of wonderful! :)

Lmaoo....so glad I could help (spend your money)! I ordered her 2oz samples of her 3 bases she sells to start with. And once we got mine customized to where I wanted it......she had it in the mail to me in less then 48 hours! Actually closer to 24 hours!

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Ok, took your advise and just did that, Wow. Totally reasonable and affordable! As a matter of fact, lol... compared to what I was thinking....not only affordable but cheap! What a great deal:D

It does depend on your oils and additives.....but I think she is very reasonable. And all said and done with shipping and all I am saving money from the base I was buying.....and with this I had it made so I can add oils on my end and it is covered. Definately reasonable in my book! Plus I got to design my own---with what I wanted in if for the base.....so it is MINE..all MINE! LOL

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Awww.... you guys are making me blush! I was floored to wake up this morning and find a whole thread about me! Glad to see it was all so nice :wink2:.

I'm so glad you liked your base Kim. How was it with the Buffalo Tallow added? It's still my most unique request, but talk about a unique niche! The marketing on that must be a lot of fun! LOL!

I check in here frequently, so if anyone has questions, feel free to holler at me!

(PS to LindsayCB - I got a funny e-mail from Christine [incandessence]. Apparently she sent you some leftover OMH FO a little while back. Seeing your user name, she thought she was sending it to me...up until she was writing out your shipping address. I told her this morning that there actually was a pretty good chance that the FO still came to me for your lotion bases!)

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