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Instant Karma and Be Delicious?


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I've not tried SW's Karma but OT's Karma is wonderful. It holds great in soap, no A&D and no morphing. After I initially soaped it, it seemed to fade but it did come back. I can smell it lingering on my skin after I've showered or washed my hands with the soap.

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CB, it's just like Meridith says. I have some of both oils, I held them up side by side when the OT version came in, same color, same scent, same lingering scent experience.

The SW swap soap was actually a little lighter than I usually pour my FO. I went back and checked my notes and I don't think I poured the swap soap at 1oz PP as I thought. I think it was more like .7 but I can't remember for sure. I've slept since then.

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