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Help with Beeswax

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Hi all,

My therapist told me to get a hobby, so I did. LOL

I want to make beeswax ornament thingies with scents. Basically to scent my closets and drawers.

I have natural beeswax pellets, goodness knows I have a TON of FO, I have a couple milky way molds (small cavity).

How do I do I make something like this.???

I used to do MP when I first got into bb stuff. Can I melt the wax in the microwave? How much scent do I add?

That kind of stuff. :)

Since you are the wax guru's of the world, my therapist told me to start here.

Thank you for assisting in my mental recovery process.:D

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Don't microwave your beeswax, it can get way too hot. Use a pour pot (coffee can, whatever) in a pan of water (double boiler method) it works good. I personally put it on direct low heat to slowly melt it and watch it the whole time. After it melts, add your scent and stir.......it doesn't need to get very hot. Depending on how strong you want the pieces, you can add up to 1.5 oz./lb, but usually .5 to 1 oz./lb should do it. I pour right away after I add the scent......the temp. is right around 120 - 140. You don't want it too hot or you'll melt your plastic mold. Test to see how it releases from the mold, you may need to spray with a mold release or pop it in the freezer for a few minutes if you don't use a mold release.

It's very easy and not fussy at all..........have fun!! :cool2:

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I used to do scented beeswax ornaments and the throw was good (I used 1 oz/lb of FO). At first the throw is super strong, which for ornaments was great, but it will eventually fade. I told my customers to warm it a bit with a hair dryer, but not to the point of melting it, and the scent does come back, but it doesn't last forever. :cool2:

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Yes you can color it, but if do, then you may want to get the white BW, otherwise with they yellow, well ... you get the idea.

Also BW is more opaque than paraffin, so you will need to use more dye, but it will still not be as translucent. I think BW looks best natural - or if dyed, just earth-type tones - and then just a bit of dye (pastel - like soy). JMO.

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For my refined BW I use candlewic - and both their white and their yellow are pelleted form. The white is really white - and the yellow is bright yellow. If you go to the site you may think they only sell in large quantities, but if you click the "order now" link you will see they sell it by the pound also if you want.

EDIT: The white is more flattened pellets, while the yellow is more rounded. KY Candle also has good white beeswax - but it is more ivory in color if that is a concern to you.

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