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Expanding your range - opinions

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Hi peeps. Not too sure whether this is the right place to post this. If it's not then please move to the appropriate board.

I'm almost ready to start selling my candles (still ironing out a few niggles). Lots of testing and lots of researching under my belt :smiley2:.

Always one for thinking on ahead I know lots of you have expanded your range by adding b&b, soap, etc. After checking out what we have to conform to here in the UK I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet.

So I'm thinking expand the home fragrance side. Maybe add things like reed diffusers, smelly jelly, pot pourri (the dried stuff), room sprays, etc. Do these sell just as well as your candles or are they not worth the aggro?

I'd be interested in your opinions specially from my fellow UK members. Obviously, once I am selling then I will be gauging customers interest in other products.


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I think it was CandleMan that once commented somewhere that the way he got thru quiet periods for candles was by adding B&B and soaps and other fragrance items. I think I would simply wither away and die if I had to only focus on candles, but thats just me. If B&B is not an option, what about CP soap and then like you said, other methods of home fragrancing, like scented linen drawer liners, reeds, scented sachets, smelly's and definitely in my opinion room spray (which is so easy to do anyway). For me the primary function of a candle is homefragrance and if you feel the same, expanding on the theme would definitely be worthwile.



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I will be the outlier here - I played around with some B&B a few years ago and while I enjoyed it it took away from my focus. I use the motto, do one thing and do it well. I have to keep telling myself this because it is very easy for me to go off on other projects just to get out of a rut. But, for business, I do one thing - candles. It works for me. I think the key is knowing what is best for your business.

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I have found that expanding into B&B has definitely made a difference. We are also looking into adding reed diffusers with EOs due to several customer requests, but as of right now that is in the "looking into it" phase - still not exactly sure if that's going to go or not.

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