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And now, thanks to Jak, I have a new hobby! Just couldn't resist with all that beautiful stuff she makes! So sometime next week, I should have the Janome 9500 at my house......Besides I really needed some new aprons - and must have the fancy designs on them....my plain ones just won't work anymore now that I have seen these.....

Lawd I am so obsessive but I just love the machine embroidery and there were no more new fo's I wanted.....lol

Thanks Jakalex for feeding my obsessions!


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Beautiful work! I just adore the baby quilt! I have a Brother, Disney machine, one of the 2000.00 ones, not Wally Worlds version! LOL I have not used it very much for embroidering as much as for making clothes!

I would love some of the Noahs Ark designs as I am hoping to make Grandmas baby theme Noahs Ark! We will be the ones to bring God and faith into our grandchilds life and I just love the Noahs Ark theme as it symbolizes God and it is unisex!! LOL I so have to get more embroidery cards, even blank ones! LOL

Again, Great work! Thanks for sharing!

God Bless,


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Thanks to Jak I got one......wow it is so cool....for those of you who sew on a regular machine - this one is amazing.....just push the start button, go get your coffee and when you get back the work is done....lol well almost!

For my 1st project I am doing a denim rag quilt with family members names and birthdates on some of the squares, for my son. I needed a project that would be a bit 'forgiving' if I didn't get it perfect.....

Yesterday I embroidered (ok so the machine did) all the names and birthdates and I am sooooo impressed! Jak was awesome.....she walked me through all the steps - from loading the program to the actual embroidery work.....Really made it nice! Thanks Jak for my newest addiction!

But after just a couple of days of playing around I have 'experimented' on several things and a computerized machine is actually quite easy - but does so much more than just sew......

As far as cost.......hmmmmm I will just say I won't be buying many fo's anytime soon....lol Add about $500+ to the cost of the machine cause there are many programs and accessories needed.....And trips to the fabric store...I am a fabric ho also......Guess I just have an addictive personality!

Talk to Jak if you have questions - she is the pro on the Jenome machines!

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jakalex, I hope to get my machine next week, I'm going to have to get your phone number and put you on speed dial. lol Thanks for the information you gave me. :highfive:

Those are sooo cute. I want one of those machines...how expensive are they? Guess I'd better get a job first,huh? Ginger

The embroidery machines vary in price from ones you can get at Walmart for about $470.00 to ones at the dealer stores for a couple thousand. I have been researching them for a couple months now and have finally decided on a Janome 350E which the standard sale price is $1299.99. I talked to my dealer today and I'm getting a great deal on the machine, software and and the clothsetter for about the sale price. It pays to dealer shop and let them know what kind of deals other dealers are offering you, they will always try to match. The Brother 700 is a great machine and is discontinued so you can find great deals on those for about $749.99. BUT...there is so much to buy for the machines, there is software, cards/usb drives, some need a reader/writer box, stabilizer, embroidery thread, bobbin thread etc. Plus, you need to decide if you want an embroidery only machine or one that does both sewing and embroidery. I opted for an embroidery only machine since I bought a new sewing machine last year that is awesome. Start researching and reading and talking to dealers and go from there if you are really serious about getting a machine.

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I ordered it today, it should get here by the end of the week. I was contemplating the Customizer and the dealer gave me a great deal so I went ahead and bought it. I need to buy thread and stabilizer now. Do you have the Meidera chest case? I was thinking of buy that since it has all the colors in it.

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I see on the Jenome site they sell Madeira thread? Anyhow I got 3 boxes of the Jenome brand - like that it is numbered so at least for now I don't have to use my imagination - lol. I ran out of red and bought one from WalMart - seems to work as well and look the same but of course not washed yet nor used so not sure how it will hold up. Would have bought the Jenome again had I not needed it 'right now'! Did you see the Madeira 'on sale'?

I am really enjoying this machine! Course my candle room is beginning to get dusty! Have just traded one addiction (temporarily!) for another! Going to a quilt shop this afternoon - just to see what they have - yea right! Fabric is just like FO's for me.....got to have them all - no plan with what to do with it but always nice to have on hand!

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