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Keeping the heat up


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I am having trouble keeping my pouring container hot enough after I have mixed, to be able to pour at the correct temp. I am melting the wax in a Presto then pouring into a mixing container, adding color and fo. I have a small window to pour meaning heat to 180 then pour at 170. By the time I pour in to my pouring (heated) container add all the stuff, get it mixed and ready to pour the darn stuff has cooled below the correct pouring temp :mad: This is really ticking me off.

What can I do to keep the temp up?

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Just an idea, but have you tried preheating your pour pot before you add the wax? I usually put my pour pot on the double boiler before I add the wax pretty much to take the chill off it.




The first time I didn't heat it up but the next time I did and it helped.


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