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Best strawberry / raspberry?


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I'm still searching myself so I can't really help you but I did pour Strawberry Musk and Strawberries-n-Cream from Greenleaf the other day and the cold throw is great but I haven't burned them yet! I love Best Friends from NG which has a strawberry scent to it. It reminds me of CircleE's Bird of Paradise. As far as Raspberries go, Raspberry Cream from the Scented Bean is great and Raspberry Cordial from Candle Cocoon is awesome! I'm not a big raspberry fan but these are good!

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Thank you for your input so far:):)!

I, too, use ICS Freshly Picked strawberries and like it, but I still want to have those really, really fresh strawberries:sad2:. But I will try Peaks (still don't have a single fo from them (shame on me:()...

Raspberry is even more difficult: CC is too sweet IMO...also try to find a pure raspberry, a fresh one.

Thanks for the recs for the blended ones - worth a try I guess!

Please keep coming in with suggestions!

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Okay, I've been doing a strawbery test row and the winner is....tata - ICS! Best throw, freshest scent, very true!

I stick to ICS!

Raspberry? Still haven't found what I'm looking for but I'm expecting samples from a German manufacturer - I'm very excited!!

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I am still looking for that fresh from the vine raspberry......does anyone have one? :undecided

same with me...the only one I can bear is from Soycandle.com, not sickeing sweet, closest to a fresh raspberry, though wth a tiny floral in it. My hubby says it's fine (and he hates berry scents!).

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