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Should I be adding something to my c-3 nature wax?

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You need wicks if you plan on burning them! :cheesy2: Just teasing!!

To prevent your colors from fading you may want to add some UV Inhibitor/stabilizer to your wax as well. I personally dont use dyes but use the this uv in hopes it will help to prevent certain FO's from discoloring the wax:


I'm using c3 as well! I got a great throw with peaks ocean at 1.5 oz per pound of wax. It took a bit to cure ...and now I'm sitting on my hands waiting to test some other FO's I put into a few candles this weekend. Good Luck!! It sounds like your doing well!! And Welcome to the board!

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It doesn't require additives, although when I used it straight I would put a little palm steric to prevent the FO seepage. If you aren't having seepage problems then no worries. I eventually switched to blending it with paraffin. UV inhibitor is always a good idea, unless you like yellow:cool2:

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We also use the Universal Soy Additive from JBN.

I gave up on it cause I hate how the candles "sweat" little beads on the top. Ick.

That's a function of the particular FO, the amount used and the temperature at which the candles are stored and the humidity. All C-3 soy candles do not sweat. In fact, very few of ours do, except during hot weather. In our neck of the woods, nearly ANY scented candle will sweat in the summer 'cause it's so hot and humid here. The droplets disappear when the candle is burned and frequently never reappear.

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