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Candle Shipping


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I went to my local post office today to ship out some candles and the clerk told me if I were to package it in a Priority Box they have, no matter how much it would weigh, or how much I could stuff in it, no matter where in the country it will going it would be a flat rate of $7.70.

I did not know this and saved a good bit of money, just wanted to pass along in case it may help someone eles.

This is from the USPS website.


Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes

Available in two sizes:

Box One: 11-7/8 x 3-3/8 x 13-5/8 inches (ideal for garments, board games, books and other relatively thin items).

Box Two: 11 x 8-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches (perfect for shoes, model cars and taller items).

Rate is $7.70, regardless of weight or destination for items mailed in the Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes provided by the Postal Service.


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Depending on how much the package weighs, regular priority is sometimes a better deal then priority flat. If you go to USPS.com and create an account, you can order supplies. They will deliver priority and flat rate boxes to your doorstep, free of charge.

You can use USPS.com to print the labels and pay for the shipping and have your regular carrier pick up the packages, or you can drop them off at the post office.



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Do you just go to the post office and ask for this plan and some boxes? I would love to do that.

You either order the boxes from USPS.com or pick some up at the post office, you can only ship FLAT RATE in the boxes they have with flat rate right on them, you cannot ship flat rate in just a regular priority box. Then when you take to PO to ship they already know it is flat rate by the box.

It works great for carrier pick up as well, especialy if someone is unsure of the weight of something (which should not be any of our problems) etc.


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Guest EMercier

Cool, I guess I'll be doing that. I just didn't know how that works. I'm still trying to get my website together and wanted to ship flat rate. Thanks.

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You can get priority mail boxes for free at the post office, but if you are getting a lot (more than 1 or 2) they may not like it, in which case you can simply order it online (free also).

When using the flat rate box, you will never get to their 70 lb limit, unless you're sending lead or gold, LOL.

As Eugenia said, you should check both ways (regular priority and flat rate priority) before packing your shipment to see which method is more economical. The post office website has a rate chart. Generally, if you are sending to zones 2 or 3 and the package is 6 lbs or less, it's cheaper to use regular priority mail. If you're sending to zones 5 and above, the flat rate box is better if your package is at over 3 lbs.

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