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My back in the saddle soaps 9 batches:)


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Some of you read my post about ruining my table..I mentioned to my hubby a few days ago I was having soap withdrawl.. so he Said "why dont you make some" ..Needless to say thats all He had to say..lol This is in a 24hr period..lol I had to resize and it made some look blurry sorry!

I just wich my camera didnt dull the colors so much and the list below may not be in order)!

1.Plain white is shea butter

2.Green, brown and black swirl is unscented hunter soap

3.All tan is Honey spa..No scent made with honey

4.red/pink swirl is apples and erries

5.green& yellow swirl is Pineapple Cilantro

6.cream White and tan is Vanilla Fusion

7.Pink and Black is Pink sugar (thanks Eb..I had this Fo forever but wouldnt

let me self make it cause I didnt want all brown pink sugar soap..So I colored the bottom part black and its pretty black..I love it it..hope you dont mind)

8.lavender is ..well lavender scented!

9.Navy..I for the life of me can never get a good blu its always grey .I did baby snuggles and was going for a blue.. to call it baby blue.. but is navy so I guess i should call it postpardom!!lol.. oh well.its a nice castile

Sorry so long.. thought I would share..






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WOW GIRL!! :eek: You really must have been going through soap making withdrawls!! LOL

Those are all beautiful, the camo is dead on!!

I'm curious about the pink sugar, you said that you made the bottom black because you were afraid to have "brown" pink sugar soap, but what about the pink top part? Is that scented too?

I bet that apples & berries smells yummy!! :D

I see you've got some wax paper down on your table, is that the same table?? I think I would have put like a vinyl tablecloth over it and then the wax paper, just to be safe! LOL Of course maybe you didn't set it on the table as it was setting up huh? ;)

So, do you feel better now? :D

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Thanks for the comments.. I only fragranced the black part and left the pink unfragranced.. Yes that is wax paper..lol Last time my mold was not sealed properly i guess and thats when the problem started..I only cut the umolded bars on the table..no more unhardened soap in the dining room!

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Lets see.. I did 5 batches starting at 12:00 p.m. on monday- and did the 5th batch after the kids went to bed at 9:00 p.m. and the other four I did between 8:45-e 12:30 the next morning.. So between. kids, eating, making candles and running a few errands, sleeping.. well this was in the meantime .. I guess you do alot of crazy stuff when your almsot 8 months pregnant!LOL

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Hey Heirloom,

give it a go!! Do you do M&P right now? I cant wait to get your soap. But yes I do sell the soap and sometimes on a really,really, really awesome batch, I cant part with it!!LOL It is alot of fun and an outlet for me. I primarily make candles, but have being getting almost equal B&B orders recently!

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