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Hello everyone! Question on a good wax

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Good Day everyone!

I have been missing in action, my computer wanted to take a long nap, so I missed coming to read and post on the boards:( . I know you get this question alot:embarasse

Here's my question. I have been working with soy wax i purchased it was pretty cool when i started, but now i want bigger and better candles, what is the best wax to purchase to make pillar and votive candles, i would hate to waste money on wax and not get the best candle for my money, and if i used ecosoya wax do i need an additional wax to make it harden and give it a smooth appearance. My uncle takes me to craft shows and i want to make a full time business and would love to give my customers the best candle for their money so i can keep them coming back.


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what one person might think is an awesome wax another may not be fond of it...I just make container candles right now so I can give you my two cents but I know I have switched my waxes cause what other people loved I have not. Just gotta play around, but small batches, see if there is any for sale on here ect

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I called one company and they told me to use 50/50 one part soy and one part parrafin *thinking* if i don't really care much for parrafin wax why would i give my customer *future* customers anyway something i wouldn't use myself. *shrugs* it's alot to think about and it's a little overwhelming to me right now, but i can show you the molds i just recently purchased which i think are pretty cool. I hope they show up :confused:



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Hi Niya,

Golden Brands makes a pillar blend soy, which should be available through any supplier that carries GB waxes. I have some but haven't made any pillars with it yet. It should be all veggie without any paraffin. GB makes alot of good waxes. You'll just have to get a sample quantity and try it out. If you like, I could send you some of it that I have for 75 cents a lb plus the cost of shipping. I doubt I'll ever use it.

geek :grin2:

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Turns out that the GB 474 is NOT a pillar blend. Discovered this after I purchased it, unfortunately. It is a votive/tart blend.

Geek, is this the wax you were referring to? Or, is there a different wax I'm unaware of?

Regardless, I'll find a use for the 474. I purchased 10# to play with.

I am curious enough to see why the 474 is not good for pillars. I might just pour a couple over the weekend...


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