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Burn time for floating candles

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Hi Everyone. I've been testing my floating candles, the average size ones, and they generally last 2 - 3 hours. I used straight paraffin with vybar in. Does this burn sound about right for floaters? I know theres a way of working out how long a candle should burn, based on weight etc, but floaters are different, as obviously all the wax can't burn!!!! Also what do people find customers want out of hot throw strength? Just thinking cause we have floaters at meals, so wouldn't want it too smell too much whilst we were eating. I'm thinking 1oz per pound may be too much? What do people find customers want?

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How big are your floating candles? I've tried adding vybar and using a smaller wick to get them to last longer, but even then it's only about just over 3 hours. I usually use bout 150grams of wax to make 3 floating candles. I use just straight paraffin, we don't have all the different sorts in the UKi lke you get in the US.Thanks

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