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Inquiring about Flavor Oils


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I buy from Sweetcakes, Brambleberry, WSP and MMS. None of mine are presweetened so if you want to "taste" them you must add a sweetener. I have used WSP sweetener with good luck and now I am using Sugar Kisses from MMS and it is awesome.

Ann M

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I know this doesn't really help you (or anyone) yet, but I'm in the process of working with a manufacturer to bring in lip balm flavor oils. I just received samples of them last week, and OMG, they are :drool: drool-worthy! And incredibly strong as well. They recommend a MAX of 1%, and even the Pomegranate that I made at the full 1%, I think it's too strong. Most supplier recommend 1-3%, 2-4% or even 3-5% for their ratios. In fact some suppliers have listed on their site that 1 ounce of their lip balm oil will flavor 200 lip balm tubes - this stuff will flavor over 500! So if you're looking for strong, this is the stuff.

But I'll need to order 5 kilos per scent, and until my tax return, I just can't swing that much for one oil, let alone a selection of them. I keep contemplating a buy for them, but I'd have to have A LOT of interest to be able to do it still. They offer a nice selection of flavors. The Pomegranate and the Chocolate are definitely my favorites, but they also have others that are very nice, I just can't decide which ones to go with. They've got Berry, Melon, Strawberry and Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Creme Brulee, Raspberries and Sugar, Liquorice, and a very interesting one called Fig and Sultana. It's definitely different, my husband says very figgy, but it really grows on you. Very classy scent. The more I smell it the more I like it!

I haven't even priced out packaging to come up with a final product price, but I mostly likely will offer 1 and 4 oz sizes when I sell it through my site, and figured I'd offer the same sizes (and maybe larger if the interest was there) if I did a buy. I'll try to figure out some prices tonight... If anyone is interested, contact me privately at lindsay@soapersworkshop.com. I'd love to do this, but I'd probably have to have at least 3 kilos out of every 5 spoken for before I could order. I know they'll be worth it, but we're experiencing growing pains, and the money for an outright purchase simply isn't there yet!

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