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shipping issues (from supplier)


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alright, my experience has been that when i order larger quantities of items, it *saves* money, right? well i am looking at the jars i get, a supplier somewhat near me carries them. i bought some from there a couple weeks ago, just 4 cases, none of them were broken everything is great, so i was going to order more. there is a choice for 12 cases, so i add it to the shopping cart, add the lids and go to check out, but first i decide to see exactly how much i am saving by buying this quantity... come to find out it is .10 more per jar to order this quantity than it is to order 4 cases. i did the calculations for each quantity from 4 - 12. around 8 it goes as high as .20 more per jar. i don't get it. i understand shipping goes up too, but this doesn't seem right? they ship ups and it's 8oz jelly jars, the cases aren't that big. so for now i guess i just make several orders of 4 cases LOL. anyone have any insight as to why it would be adding up this way?

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Guest ShellyRobyn

I ordered 4 cases of a particular wax 4 weeks ago. I placed an order for 10 cases of the same wax from the same supplier and and even though the wax was cheaper to order more, shipping had gone up so much that the price was still the same per case as it was when I ordered 4! Just can't seem to win! :cry2:

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