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Anyone ever ordered from Serendipities?


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Anyone ever ordered FO's from a company called: Serendipity Scents?

www.serendipityscents.com ?

I have to stop trying new suppliers & new oils & stop ordering samplers!!!! Half of the new oils I keep trying, I already have an oil of that kind & supplier for it that I love already & have decided to use as "the one". What is wrong with me?:confused:

BUT getting back to my question about Serendipity Scents:check out their sniffie offer:

a sniffie sampler pack! Get (8) .5 dram sniffies for just $3.99 INCLUDING SHIPPING

I'm sorry, but there is just know way on earth I'm going to pass up trying 8 new sniffs for just 4 bucks!!!

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I just got an e-mail from Kerri at Serendipities and this is what it said~~

I know this is going to come as a shock and probably a disappointment

to many, but after long and careful consideration I have decided to

no longer operate Serendipities Scents & Supplies as a full-time

supply source.

Some of you know I was contemplating getting out of the supplies

business last fall, but after my family committed to helping me with

it, I decided to stay in. However I do not enjoy the supplies

business... I get no satisfaction from it, and to be quite frank it

is a lot of work for absolutely no pay. And with all of the things I

have had going on in my personal life, most recently the death of my

father, I have decided that life is way too short to continue doing

things that you don't enjoy, especially when you don't get anything

out of it. I have done some serious and blatantly honest soul-

searching and accept the fact that I'm not getting anything out of it

to make it worth my while.

And when I say I don't get anything out of it, I mean not only

monetarily but also emotionally. I find no pleasure in any aspect of

the supplies business (except in relating to my customers). In fact

it has come to the point where I almost resent it because it takes

time away from other things that I could be doing that I enjoy...

like making candles or soaps.

I also don't enjoy having thousands of dollars invested in inventory

in oils that just sit here until someone buys them. Since most of

you are business owners yourself, I'm sure you can relate to that.

There are other things I would rather do with that money than have it

sit out in my warehouse and stare at it. :)

I have two options that I am looking at as far as where to go from

here, and would like your input as to what you, as my customers,

would like to see happen. I care about your opinions and you are all

valued by me and no matter what happens, I will make sure that the

oils don't just disappear entirely and you can't get them anymore.

Here are the two options I would like your opinions on:

1. I will do 4 buys per year on specific fragrance oils, not keeping

any inventory stocked for future sales, so you'd need to order enough

to last you for a while! I know of other ladies who do this, like

Lezlee at Simple Soothings, and Tina of Scents & Supplies, and it

seems to work well for them, so it is an option.


2. Entrust my oils with another supplier. This one is a bit

difficult because I am very picky about what suppliers I would even

consider placing my oils with, or selling to. And, there are a

couple oils that would no longer be available, because they were

shared with me by other people, and even though the manufacturer now

looks at them as 'mine' and could technically be transferred, to me

it's not the same.

So, those are the two choices and I would really like to hear your

thoughts on how you feel about each one. Please note that these are

the only two choices... I have really made up my mind that I no

longer want to do this full time and instead want to concentrate on

things that I enjoy or that I get some sort of fulfillment out of.

I still may do a co-op now and then for something I am needing

myself, but I am no longer going to be a full-time supplier or keep

any stocked inventory for sale.

I will continue with my retail candle and soap business, and am

looking forward to concentrating on that and expanding it more.

This also means I will have more time that I can play with the rest

of you in swaps and other fun activities like that! I am also going

to take the opportunity to go back to school, which I am looking

forward to!

The current prebuy on fragrance oils is canceled immediately, and the

customers who have placed orders will be refunded their money.

IMPORTANT: !! The co-op on Bali Sea Salts IS NOT CANCELLED, we have

MORE than enough to meet the minimum and they will be ordered on

February 5th as originally scheduled. The honey powder that was

previously on prebuy is due to be delivered to me on Monday, so it

will be shipping out to those who ordered it next week.

I guess that's about it for right now... this weekend I will begin

preparing to sell off all remaining oils in stock and putting them on

clearance, while supplies last!

Again, please give me some feedback and let me know what you would

like to see done. Not only are you my customers, but many of you are

trusted friends and some I even consider as close as family, so your

input is important to me.


So I thought I would let you all in on what I knew~

Sue Ann

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