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Another tussah silk question


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Glad you got it..

I use a piece about as big around as a pencil and about an inch long for a 2lb batch. Add it to the water just after you mix the lye in, while it's still white. It will dissolve almost completely within 1/2 hour. I just pour it in the oils anyway and figure the SB will break up the rest of it.

I had 2 bars of soap from Meridith, both are the same recipe except one has silk and one doesn't. I was amazed at the difference. I actually noticed the difference and looked at the labels to see what the difference was. It was the silk.

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Is there any other way to "melt" this other than adding it to the lye water?? I make goat's milk soap and I freeze the gm and use a cold water bath so the lye doesn't brown the gm... anyway - could I add it to the hot oils while they are in the melting pot? or doesn't this get hot enough?


Life & Light!


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I keep reading about how the lye melts the silk but I'm not sure that it doesn't just break it down. If lye is so caustic, it should be able to break down the silk without heat. I don't have time today but I might just try this weekend...I could make some lye water up and let it sit overnight, then add silk. See if it still breaks down.

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The caustic nature of lye breaks down the silk, not the heat. I put the lye on top of my ice cubes or slushy milk or whatever and put the lye right in on top of it, stirring as I go - the lye breaks down fine. If I see too many strands I put it through my kitchen sieve, but that's only happened once I think, an I honestly believe I didn't need to.

ETA, if I do add the silk after the sol'ns cooled it doesn't seem to work as well, but I haven't tried leaving it for more than an hour or so.

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