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Adobe photoshop 7.0?'s


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You can PM me if you want, and I'll try to help you. I'm not sure what you are wanting to use the program for, but you can do lots of things with it.

I can make screenshots for you too, if that's easier.

Just let me know where you want to start.

You'll love this program.

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I use this program also, I've been using photoshop for years...I use to do photo enhancements for people for awhile so I know how to use the program pretty well..but I only learned by messing around with it and trying things out..kind of like trial and error. It can be a very confusing program at first. I'm not sure what exactly you want to do with it but I may be able to help. I'm not the greatest of teachers though..lol. I tried to teach my mother how to use it and she gave up...she can crop, resize etc...but that's about it..lol. :)

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