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Help Please!

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I've been dabbling in wax and make mostly tarts and wickless candles for the past 3 years.

At present I am trying to wick the following:

8oz square mason

1oz pp FO

no color

Wildfire's Vanilla Bean

50/50 blend

I have tried the following wicks:

60-44-18 Cotton

CD 18

CD 16

CD 14

All of which are giving me a MP well before a 3 hour mark.

I have just about every wick possible.

Can someone please recommend a wick? This is driving me NUTS! :cry2:

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I skipped over the FO you were using...with HTPs I would try out a 105 but you may need to go up with a vanilla. On some FOs I go up and with some I go down. But, the 105 works for most of my FOs.

Good grief...I am blind today and keep having to edit! I just saw what wax you use. I use 100% soy so my wick useage may not be accurate for a 50/50 blend. Maybe try an HTP 83. Some of my FOs can take an 83 so it may work really well for you.

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Honey bunny, why you trying to learn wicking with a VANILLA fo? :laugh2:;)

Seriously, I'd have picked an easier kind of fo to start out my wicking adventures!! heh heh But then again you may be a braver soul than I am. :)

Sorry no wick recommendations here since I don't do parasoy blends, but just wanted to wish you good luck. :) Hang in there -- you can do it. Kick that vanilla's BUTT! :)

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I hear ya loud & clear. I have a serious vanilla addiction -- always have. I think one of the very first candles I made was also a vanilla. I lucked out, though, and it happened to be a vanilla that didn't need to be wicked up. LOL

Good luck! Hope you nail it. :highfive:

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