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In A Moment Of Weakness...

Grumpy Girl

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I love love dragons, elves and fairies....be sure to post pics when you do find time to make them. I have a friend who uses polymer clay on the glass of shadow boxes and puts a mini string of lights in the back to light it up, they look really cool...

here's a pic...I had her make this for my mom who has a mermaid/ocean themed bathroom...my mom loves it...took her about 8 hours form start to finish and she said her fingers were tired when she was done...lol...


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I wish we had a Michaels. I did pick up a book last night from Hobby Lobby by Maureen Carlson called Clay Characters for Kids. There is an incredible looking dragon in it. It's sad when you buy a book for one thing huh? I did use their 40% off coupon on it though.

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I've always fancied having a go at glass blowing.


Me too Sally - one of my dreams. I have been dozens of times to the Corning Glass works in New York State and watched the glass blowers at work, and I hear there is a place here in NJ where I can learn. Maybe someday...

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What is polymer clay?

It's a form of plastic I believe that comes in a clay form, harder than playdoh but you get the idea. You mold it shape it stamp it paint it and do four hundred other things to it then bake. The baking cures the clay and most of the good brands will last a long long time before breaking unless you yanno drop it or something.

http://www.glassattic.com probably has a much better explanation as well as tons of links to what you can do with it.


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