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sugar scrub


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I made a sugar scrub with brown sugar and a little oil. The oil just barely moistened the sugar. I once bought a salt scrub and it was moistly oil. I love the one I made for what it does for my skin but it kinda is a pain to use. I does not really stay together and is a bit hard to use on legs without losing some. I'm not sure I want to add more oil.. Is this just the way this kind of product is and customers won't think nothing of it or do they prefer some kind of thick cream with sugar in it.

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personal preference really...

I used to love B&B works salt scrub. It was oily and not emulisified. I knew I would have to dig down in and get a glop and have oil dripping from my finers, but I liked it!!

Since I started doing them myself, I do prefer an emulsified one.

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I've done both oil/sugar scrubs, and emulsified scrubs. For selling and shipping, I prefer the emulsified, because it significantly cuts down on leakage issues. But I still love the sugar sitting in a pool of oil. I have very dry skin, and this moisturizes my skin much better than the emulsified ones.

As for preservative, YES, PLEASE preserve it. You'll surely come across those that will say it doesn't need, since it doesn't have water in it. But most people use these in the shower or the bath. So the chances of water being introduced are very very good. And once water is introduced, the opportunity for mold and bacteria growth is outstanding.

A few tips regarding the preservatives, research them thoroughly, especially if you decide to go with an emulsified scrub. If using polysorbates as the emulsifier, it will gradually break down paraben based preservatives, and eventually render it ineffective. Not a good thing. However, you cannot just pick any old preservative. It needs to be one that will work properly in an anhydrous (no water) environment. I've stopped recommending preservatives because I believe the more people know about preserving their products, the better their products will become. Preservatives aren't fun, but they are, IMHO, the most crucial part of any formula. If your preservative isn't effective your product isn't just bad, it's dangerous.

A few places you can research. Lotioncrafter.com has a lot of information about preservatives on the site. Jen is wonderful and also willing to answer questions if you have them. I've also frequently gone directly to the manufacturer (ISP), and asked them questions. They also are incredibly helpful, and also will be the most accurate in their answers. Some suppliers will share information regarding using the preservatives they offer, but I've found that not all of them are correct.

Here's a good basic chart and guideline from ISP. It's far from all inclusive, and there are always factors and ingredients that this list doesn't incorporate, such as the polysorbates counteracting the parabens. It recommends various versions of LiquaPar for anhydrous products, but if your formula was emulsified using polysorbates, over time, your preservative would be broken down, and eventually fail. Not a good thing. So research research research, and then research a little more. It's overwhelming, but incredibly critical to producing a quality formula.


In case it breaks, try this...


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My favorite commecial sugar scrub was Arbonne.. given to me as a prize in a raffle. This was only the second scrub I was familiar with at all, the first being squeezed out of a tube (probably emulsified in order to do this and not squirt all the oil out in the first few uses) and I felt it did nothing at all for me. I loved the company and everything else they made so I was quite disappointed with this one, then I got the Arbonne one. This was in a plastic jar and was swimming in oil. You really had to use the inclosed stir stick to get the oil back into the scrub.........but oh my freaking goodness was this the best stuff ever! It was so worth the mess... until I only had a few apps worth of product left and I could NOT get the jar lid off, it had gotten so oily, lmbooo. I was so infurriated that I could not use my scrub!:mad: Also when I finally did get it open, I had dropped it in the shower and lost most of the oil that was left in it, so I was left with hard chunks I couldn't loosen. :undecided And yet, I still searched the internet and Ebay for replacements since it was a discontinued scent. I would have bought more if I could have. It also did not have the ingredients on it... it must have come in a box that did. I had to go look it up and bascily learned that it was the Avacado oil and Jojoba oil that made me feel sooo luxurious and in no need of lotion when I got out of the shower. And that is why i'm here today (and everyday, lol) asking all these questions about B&B and tarts! Moral of the story- the mess is worth it!

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