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For those of you who order the ceramic tart warmers


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I have requests for the warmers when we go to shows, but I checked with levine gifts and I am not sure if they will sell after I have to mark them up. For those of you who carry these types, what are your resell prices (if I may ask this)?

For example:

The Ceramic warming pad is $7.25 (my cost, not including S & H)

The cachepot warmer is $10.00 (my cost, not including S & H)

The single burners that use a tealight are $3.50-4.50 each

The electric burners run $8.25-9.25

I know for wholesale we are supposed to multiply x2 and for retail x3. I don't think if I do that people will buy these at craft shows. I know they range from $10-25 in stores, right? I just don't think people will pay $7.00-20.00 for these items, but maybe I am wrong.

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I have never bought or sold the warmers, but I do know that I have paid $20 for an electric tart warmer in a retail store. Not sure if that helps, but I am going to do an order for the warmers and am very interested to know what others have to save about what they charge.

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I have only sold the tealight warmers from Levine and doubled my cost on them. I had an electric one that I doubled, so it was about $20 and I got NO interest in it.

I also buy the candle warmers from Michael's when they go on sale (about once a year! LOL) for 3/$10

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