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using decorative soap molds for cp


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I want to get into making soaps for occasions like babies, weddings...... I typically make cp soaps in loaf molds. My question is will the cp soap gel properly and turn out the same if I pour it into these decorative molds? How long do they need stay in the molds? I guess it would be best to do a rebatch on these but my rebatches are usually kind of clumpy and don't pour nicely. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. :cheesy2:

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If I were using individual molds, I would either prevent gel or use a heating pad underneath the tray of molds to force gel. Keep in mind that if you prevent gel, it takes longer for the soap to no longer have "zap".

I'd also experiment with SL to assist in the finished soap coming out of the mold. If they were/are silicone molds, you could pop them out. Most aren't though.

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Hi Jeana,

I often use both tray and individual "shape" molds for CP. I pour at the thinnest trace possible so that the soap fills all of the detail crevices fully and the finished soap looks nice. I cover the exposed soap with plastic wrap, set the molds on a large, thick towel and cover them with another; the soap gels just like it would in a log mold. For really detailed molds, I drizzle a little olive oil into each cavity and use a pastry brush to make sure that it gets spread around. I only use a little bit, but I find it helps the soap to release easily and the detail stays intact.



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