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old F.O.


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I don't really know....but I do have a few over a year old and they still smell and work perfectly. I think if they are in a cheapie bottle...they may start to smell foul. I like glass bottles....so I try to keep them to re-use after the oil is gone :)

Anyone else have experience and want to share?

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I have some that I bought off the classifieds ( you never know how old they really are. ) The main way I can tell they are old is they start smelling like the plastic bottle they are in. That said, I have fo's I bought from "Natures Garden" and "Peak" and they are all in plastic bottles and still smell fine after a year. I think it must depend on the type of plastic used?? Also I have noticed that old ones can get kind of a vinegar smell to them sometimes.

The ones that have the plastic smell will be the same in wax (yuck) but the ones that have a slight vinegar tang lose it in the wax and are fine.

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when I buy, lets say from the classifieds or ebay, I always transfer them to the brown glass bottles like what peaks use. Now when I buy my 1Lbs from Peaks I keep them in their plastic bottles and in a dark place. it must be a different container they use that keeps them good,,,:)

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