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figure the cost of wax in a container candle?I thought I was doing it right,then I don't think I am doing it right.I use 20 ozs of wax in my jar.I use J50 which comes 55 lbs to the case,and it cost me $57.00 with no shipping,I pick the wax up at a local supplier.Please someone help me,I'm not good at math.


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Hey hun not sure if this will be much help but figure

Your wax costs you about .07 or (0.0647727) cents an oz.

How much does your Container cost?





Container = .60

Fragrance = .50 / oz

Dye = .10

Additives = .10

Wax = 1.30 - 1.40 / 20 oz

Total = 2.70 per Candle

I'm rounding to the higher end...

Not including gas to pick up supplies, time spent making the candles, etc.




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55 (pounds) X 16 (ounces) = 880 ounces

$57 / (divided by) 880 = .07 cents per ounce

20 ounce jar = $1.40

Prairie rounded to different decimal places which is why there are different answers. If you were accounting for plutonium you might go for a few more decimal places. For wax, I go to 2 decimal places.

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Thanks everyone,I had come up with 6 1/2 cent per lb.If you divide 880 by 57 you come up with 15.438596 which would be about 16 cents,but if you divide 57.00 by 880 you come with 0.6477272 which is about 6 1/2 cent per lb.Thats why I didn't know which way was right.Does this make sense.


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