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mini loaf wick test is awful

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Can anyone that makes mini grubby loaves tell me what wick they use successfully. I tested today and had an awful mess. :mad:

I used 2 44z's. They did really well at the top going through the grubby part and then down about a 1/2 inch I had major blowout on the side. I ended with just a puddle of wax. This was after 2 hours and 1 wick trim after it got through the grubby.

Any help is appreciated, TIA

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I've not made these, buy you two sound like you're talking about different types, one is freestanding(blowout), one left in the container(no hang up). Maybe I'm just confuzzled :rolleyes2

LOL no your not confuzzled, It's me that's confuzzled. Gee gotta read more carefully. Don't know how I missed one key word "blowout" duh, either got to get my glasses changed or read more carefully. Now I'm gonna go back in my corner with my blankie. :embarasse

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I used 1343 pillar wax for this. I would try the 36z but I don't have any of that size. I do have sample packs of CD's though. Isn't the CD10 similar to a 60z? I wonder if I should try a CD4 or CD5. I could try that and if they don't work, I'll see if I can get some 36's. Thanks so much for the input.:)

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