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Votive Wax


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Hello All,

I have been testing Cargills V-1 wax with not a whole lot of luck. I originally got a lot of cracking but then was told to mix it 85/15 or 80/20 with the C-3. It worked okay but after going through 10 pounds of the stuff without really being satisfied, I would like to get an opinion from all of you that care to answer.

What votive wax do you like? What are the benefits of it and what are some of the drawbacks?

I appreciate all the expert advice here and I'm learning a lot in the few days that I've been a member. Thank you!


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I use el soy wax blend and I love it. It comes in a great pellet form and is easy to measure. Draw backs it is 99% soy and does get some frosting. But some off the oils that I use tend to frost worse than others.

Some cracking can come from the candle actually cooling too fast. Or if there has been a weather change. When I pour my votives I put all the molds in a cake pan and place in a warm oven. Don't leave oven on. Just warm it up an turn off. I would try that too. That may be part of your cracking problem.

Remember that votive wax need to be poured at a higher temp for them to release from the mold.

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