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Explaining Cp versus MP to customers


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Ok,.. here is the deal. I still have some MP with botanicals added from the last time I made that..

I also have one batch of new CPOP that I wanted to sell also. I dont want to just get rid of the MP soap, I would try to sell it but I cant put "homemade soap" on the table display when only the CPOP is really homemade?

How do I exaplin this to customers? I was thinking of saying "well, this soap is made fram a glycerin base" but I dont want it to sound weird.

I have some other MP and I was thinking of making some confetti soap to use some of it up but then again.. I come into that "homemade" vs MP thing again..

I hope this made sense..lol

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how many eating joints have a big sign that says homemade _____ and you no good and well it aint. I'd say if you mixed and pured it at HOME ... its homemade. Are you moving form m&p to just Cp?

For example wal-mart makes those inhouse homemade cookies and muffins and what have you, but the mixture is pre blended and doe is pre mixed. all they have to do is cook it.. but hey its homemade right. lol

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If I were to do both, I'd just tell them "these over here come from a very nice base that I used while I was perfecting my own personal soap recipe, and these - well, *these* are fantastic because I selected each oil to be...." blah blah...

That's what I did when I was selling lotion base...

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If you're worried about the "homemade soap" moniker on the MP, don't draw attention to it. Just put it out, label it "Botanical Soap" or whatever you want to call it. You can then post the "homemade" signs on the other soap. I don't think most people have a clue or even care if it's melt and pour.

I know there are some who will know the difference, and to them it might matter, but the majority won't know, so I don't think it's worth worrying over. I think most people are drawn to a soap first by the color and then by scent, next by ingredients.

If someone should happen to ask about the difference I would explain it as just a different method of preparation, using a ready made base to which you combine additional additives to give it its luxurious skin softening properties, or fantastic fragrance, and that since it's less labor intensive for you to "make", you sell it at a lower price than the other soaps, which of course you would only say that if that's the case.

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