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'Clear' gel candle now cloudy???


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I bought a gel candle that was in a 'fish' bowl. There is sand in the bottom and some halloween type figurines stuck in the sand for decoration. The gel was clear and colorless last year. It was burned for only a short time then put away for the season a few days later. When I got it out again, the gel looks very cloudy and dirty through out the entire bowl. Why and can it be 'fixed'?


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Well lets tackle the can it be fixed problem first. My answer is even if you could get it clear again I would not trust it. Don't burn it.

As to why there are a lot of reasons why.

The sand or embeds may not have been clean so as it was stored the dust seep up in the gel.

The FO may have been polar which some times with polar FO you can make a perfectly clear gel but will cloud up over time.

The candle got frozen I have had that happen but usually once it warms back up it clears back up. If I get a FO that does that I junk it. That FO never goes in to another gel candle again.

To much FO might have been used. Even if it is nonpolar to much FO can cause clouding of the gel.

That is just a few of the reasons

My advice is just trash the candle.

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There are several things that could have caused the cloudiness, one is the sand, could be the polarity of the fo (sometimes it will stay clear for some time before it turns cloudy), it could be the embeds....but my best guess would be the sand. As far as I know there isn't anything you can do except remove the gel and pour new gel in it but you would need to seal the sand first. Even then, after a year you still might get cloudiness. Disappointing I know.

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