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Labels for b/b products?


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I am looking into adding b/b to my candle line. I know that there is probably a thread here somewhere one this, but when I do searches I come up with nothing. I want to know what type of ink I have to use and what type of label that won't mess up in water.

I have an inkjet printer and currently print my own labels and would like to do that for the b/b also. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Depending on how many labels you are making you can run a candle over them, the wax seals the ink. It is a quick, and no mess trick. I have used this on my sugar scrubs and those labels are lasting longer than the labels on the products I have bought at the store.

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I buy waterproof labels from rippedsheets.com or onlinelabels.com for my b&b stuff.

For things that I don't sell to customers, such as essential oils, I simply placed a regular avery mailing label on the glass bottle and covered it with clear packing tape to prevent ink from smearing. That has worked perfectly. I've seen that others use this on the products they sell. If you've got a steady hand and don't mind doing twice the work, that could be an option for you.

Just make sure you buy waterproof inkjet labels. You can even ask them to send you a free sheet for you to try before you buy so you can see for yourself how well they will work with your products.

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The so called water proof ink jet lables don't work with all ink jet inks. I use water proof vinyl labels and a HP printer. The ink will hold up to dry rubbing after 24hrs worth of curing. They will hold up to a slight mist of water but the ink WILL NOT hold up to porlonged use in the shower.

So far my test resulst with Water Proof Vinyl Labels for Ink Jet Printers

  1. Very expensive compared to other lables
  2. Very bright white with a matte finish
  3. Must cure ink (ink is dry when printed) but must cure to be durable
  4. Ink is very vivid on these labels but fades slightly over time
  5. Adhesive is very strong and does not wrinkle on squeeze bottles
  6. Adhesive holds up great to prolonged use in shower

My next test will be with the Epson Stylus Printer with Dura Brite Water Proof Ink. I have the printer but not yet installed. When I get a chance I will post results.

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