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Hello friends,

Its been a while since I have posted. Sort of took the summer off, and am getting back into the candle thing! So far I have tried 7 different soy waxes, and decided that I like the Calwax CB3 the best. For various reasons, one being it is closer to me!! Love the shipping. :wink2:

Anyways, I have a question for those of you who use this wax. I want to use 8 or 6oz travel tins, and 11oz tumblers. I have all of these other jars that I love, but found it is best to keep it simple for now. No selling in my near future, still testing 11 months and counting. I really like the RD wicks with this wax and have only used peaks scents so far.

So, I am wondering if you guys are mixing this stuff or using it straight. I like to use BW with soy. I know that it is not 100% soy. I have tried the CB3 with J223, straight, and BW. The J223 blend was waaaay too soft. And the BW combo is good, but looks virtually the same as the straight CB3. Throw seems to be the same as well. Have you found that the BW adds to the life of the candle at all? If you are using this combo, that is.

Well, sorry for the blab. Just a little curious. I might just keep using the BW until it is gone. Also, what size RD wicks are you using for similar jars. I find that 2 RD29s work great in the tins, but if anyone has another idea, I would like to try it. :cheesy2: Scents as well, I would like to keep it to 5-6 for now, but if you guys are using all the same supplier or multiples that would help me, too.

As always, I understand if you don't want to give away your "secrets" just curious. If anyone is interested in my detailed testing of this wax, please pm me!!


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Hi Lvn,

I use this wax too. I was going to respond the other day, but have not had time to respond to much on here. I can't stay long at the computer right now either. I will try to get back with you later today. I just checked my email and had a quick look on here but have to go. I should have some down time later -- tonight. :smiley2:

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Hi Lvnmt,

I have some time finally.

I too use the all vegetable additive from soysolutions in the Calsoy CB-3. I love this wax too. I think it has a GREAT cold and hot throw. It does frost a little more than I would like. However, this can be different for different people depending on how much dye and FO used and some other factors. I find it easy to wick too. It is a very slow burning soy which is a good thing since I like to double wick. I am sure these are the things you like about this wax too. I get smooth tops most of the time with the additive -- if I don't have to take the heat gun to the top for any reason. I do tend to get a little bit of residue on the sides after burning. My jars are the fairly thick kind of glass (does not get as hot) so this is the only other negative for me -- residue on sides. I don't get "hang-up" but I get a little more residue on the sides than I do with my paraffin or other waxes that I have tried.

I have not tested this wax in the tins a whole lot yet, but have tested a couple. I too found that two RRD's work the best in the large tins. I could never get a full meltpool with just one wick. The size depends on the oil used. I don't have any better ideas in the wick dept. for the tins.

I find that I prefer this soy wax alone with the vegetable modifier. I have not used the BW with it yet but I am sure that would be good too. I did combine it with the Harmony paraffin blend and found I did not like that combination at all. I have also added some of the Calwax CB-30 and found it to work pretty well, but like it just as well without it. I have thought about trying a little Calwax CB-2 to see if that would help a bit with the frosting, but decided I like the idea of no paraffin mixed in.

This wax is close to me too (I am on the east side of WA and I can order it from the west side). I can order it one day and get it the next. :D

Now for the scents. I have found many to throw wonderful in this wax. Of course there are some duds too (duds in this soy). If there is a scent that I absolutely cannot live without, I use it in my paraffin (which will usually throw well). I found these from Peaks to work real well so far in the Calsoy:

Creme Brulee

Fresh Linen

Green Tea

Sugar Plum Berries

Blackberry Tea

I know that there will be more, but I have not tested them all yet in soy -- mostly in paraffin.

Here are some other good ones that throw well in this soy:

Rose (The Scented Bean)

Vanilla of Pearl (Just Scent)

Vanilla Dreams (The Scented Bean)

Chestnuts and Brown Sugar (Just By Nature)

Eucalyptus & Spearmint (Bubbles N Lights)

Rosemary & Spearmint (Bubbles N Lights)

Lavender Vanilla (Just Scent)

Sage and Citrus (The Scented Bean)

Persimmon Spice (Bubbles N Light)

Country Grove (Snowtop)

Orange Chiffon Cake (Snowtop)

Blueberry Muffin (Snowtop)

Sweet Serenipity (The Scented Bean)

Spring Morning Dew (Just By Nature)

Citrus & Teakwood (Just By Nature)

Coconut Lime Verbena (Just By Nature)

Baked Apple Pie (The Scented Bean)

Comfy Cabin (Creative Candle Supply)

Mulled Cider (Alabaster)

There are some more but can't think of all of them right now. These are the ones that I know for sure so far.

I hope this helped a bit. :smiley2: Keep us posted on how your testing goes.


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Thanks Holly,

I knew that someone would have some ideas. I have not had any frosting problems yet with this wax, but I really do like the cold and hot throw of it with the BW. I have never tried the vegetable modifier, hmm...

These are the scents that I had good results with.


Green tea

Mediterranean Fig

Pie Crust with Vanilla



Sweet pea

White Ginger

Green tea( I like the Peaks kind better)

Sandalwood and Amber



Have you ever tried scents froms Swans candles. I do not dye my candles either. RD 47's worked great in the smooth sided jelly jars, they cleaned them really well. Some little "rain drops" on the sides, but that is it. I only burned them for two hours at a time, and the wicks did not mushroom/smoke/dance around at all. I also found that it is best to pour the tins a little bit hotter. They keep the heat and take a lot longer to cool, but they turn out nice and smooth.

Thanks again for taking the time to write back. I have had a heck of a time finding the right kind of wax and was so happy to have this one. Try adding some BW if you get a chance, it might help with the frosting, as I said, I have not had any at all with this combo.


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Hi again,

Thanks for the response. :smiley2:

I find that certain colors give me more frosting. However, it also appears to be the combination of color and FO added. I have the most trouble with brown, red and dark blues and purples. When I make light colored candles they always appear to have very little to no frosting.

This soy wax does have a GREAT hot and cold throw. Do you double wick in your jars too? I get nore residue when I am in the process of wick testing because I am switching wicks. So the first one may not be strong enough and it leaves a residue and then I put another one in -- so on an so forth. I notice that when I finalize the wick and burn it all the way through, it helps the residue. I get the little "rain drops" too. How much FO do you normally use -- on the average?

Thanks for the FO list. I forgot to mention that Blueberry Verbena from Bubbles N Lights also throws well in the CB-3. Yes, I have tried some fragrance oils from Swan's but I mainly tested them in my paraffin. He has some good ones. I have only tested Freesia in the Calsoy and I did not get a real good throw with that one. That one is a lighter one in paraffin too. I have a few that I need to test in the soy.

I made five candles last night and I got more frosting on some of them than I like. Do you heat your jars? Last night I forgot (my mom called) a couple of times to pull my jars out of the oven so a few may have been a little warmer than normal when I poured. I tried to cool them down quickly but they still felt a little warmer. This may have been a factor with the frosting. I am going to test pouring when they are just a slight bit warm and see if that makes a difference. I pour at 130 usually, depending on the FO used -- sometimes close to 125.

Thanks again for responding back.

~Holly :smiley2:

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I double wick in my tins, but I am thinking of switching to 6oz tin instead. So I may not havet to double wick them. I think that I could get by with a RD 37 or 40. I do double wick if the mouth of the jar is >3inches wide. Two RD 50's have worked well in the past for that. I am going to stick with the tins and a 11 oz frosted tumbler for now. I have some bail jars that I will give to family and friends those are the bigger mouthed jars and they hold around 20oz of wax. I use 3%BW.

I do not preheat my jars as I have not had problems with frosting, yet. I do not color my candles and I like to use between 6 and 8% FO. Depending on what it is.

Well, keep us posted on how your testing goes. And I will do the same. Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 26_25_3.gif 12_5_2.gif


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I have never been able to get one RRD 37 or 40 to work in a 6oz tin with this wax. You may have to go up to a 47 or 50. I sometimes get one 55 to work in a 8oz but it depends on what FO i use. I never get a full burn pool on the first burn either. The RRDs usually create a full burn pool after the second or third long burn.

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