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Lolas Lights

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Hey there!

I did a cost to sell spreadsheet, and my average came out to be around 3.80. Im about to break into clamshells too (pardon the pun), so I wanted to get an idea too.

LOL-- and I love the name Lola...I call my baby that!

Lola is my nickname, my real name is Loretta. My hubbys cousin dubbed me with Lola. I got mad at him one time and was giving him heck and he said, "You have a temper like an Italian, your name should be Lola." So I was stuck with it from then on, he and a lot of others always call me Lola. So when trying to come up with a name for my business, my son is the one that said Lola's Lights. I kinda like it. Saved me from racking my brain for a business name.Guess that is more than you ever wanted to know about me.But I like to ramble, guess you can tell that by all my posts. :grin2:

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