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Has anyone ever used??


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Hi Again,

I am trying to soak up bunches of information. My question is has anyone ever used CandleChemCompany's fragrances? He has low prices on his fragrances and if you purchase 6 of his 2oz. bottles, you will get free shipping on it! So I wanted to know what was the quality of them!

If any of you have used his fragrances before please let me know what you did/didn't like about them!



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I just poured my first FO order from CandleChem, and so far I love them.

I poured Cinnamon Bun in C-3, 1.5oz to 1# of wax. Unbeleivable cold throw, and just as great hot throw!!

Maple Pecan I poured same ratio, same wax, except I added Peak's Pie Crust @.5oz, and the Maple @1oz. Makes Maple Pecan Pie. Love this one too!!!

Harvest Spice has been my best seller this season so far. Strong wonderful spicey scent, incredible hot and cold throw.

Home sweet Home is spicey, but a woodsey and fruitey background. Great too.

Cranberry Wood Spice, love this scent, but not strong. Very light cold throw, and light hot throw too.

I have Apple strudel, but havent poured yet.

Hope that helps!!! It was super fast shipping for me. I live in Ma. so I got my order the next day!!! Gotta love that!!!:cheesy2:


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