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Propay Users...HELP!


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For those who signed up for Propay...how long did it take to get your account setup??

I've waited until the last minute and now am not sure I will get it in time? My show is September 24th and 25th...if I send in the check tomorrow...will I get my account setup in time??

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I think it was about a week or so for me. You can always send the check priority mail to make sure it gets there fast. Paypal also has a new credit card acceptance program, similar to propay, I'm not sure about fees though. You can also go to your bank and talk to them about setting up a merchant account to accept credit cards, they may be faster.

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I don't know if this will help you, but I signed up for touch-pay and got approved in less than 12 hours. http://www.thompsonmerchant.com/

$39.00 set up

3.85% per transaction

$6.99 a month

You get instant approval via your phone, the money deposited into your checking account,

and then you just use an imprinter for your hard copy...

Might be something you would be interested in??

Ordered an imprinter for $20.00 at http://imprinters.com/ and got that in 3 days!!

Just another option for you!!!!:P


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