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Trouble with soy...

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As posted below, I have been trying to learn to make soy. I made some last week and they seemed fine, burned clean and all the way around, had great hot throw. The extras I had, I opened 2 days later and there is oil (FO) on the top.

What happened?

I am using Homegrown Soy Container Blend from At Wix End. I also would like for the tops to be smoother. Maybe I need to be using a different brand of soy.

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From time to time I will find an fo that will seep also.. Do like Kerry says.. cut back a titch on that particular fo.. You will run across some fo's that will not hold 1.5 ounces in soy and others is just fine...Great to hear that you are getting your candles .. sounds to me perfected...:cheesy2:


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What temp are you adding the FO at?

If you adding the FO at lower than 170' the problem could be that your FO is not binding with your wax.

This also could make a huge difference in your finished product. Most soy can take 8-10% of an FO load. Unless its only happening with the heavy oils. Do you measure by weight or volume?

I would check on the suppliers site and see what the maximum fragrance load is for your brand of wax. They do vary greatly.

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