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How does this recipe look?


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Looks like you've got this figured out girl! Now get to soapin!


Cool!! :D Thanks Bunny.

So, what do the INS numbers mean? I got the others figured out but not this one. :undecided I have been working on several different recipes over the weekend so thought I would have the experts take a look at one for me. Thanks, Judy

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In Dr. Robert McDaniel's book, "Essentially Soap", it states that the INS values are used to determine the balance of the combination of oils used in a particular soap formula. It is suggested that you should aim for an INS value of about 160. This is just a guage of how balanced your oils are: the higher the number (above 160), the harder the bar with more lather and will tend be more drying; the lower (below 160), the softer the bar with less lather and will tend to be more moisturizing. so, if your figures are way above or below 160, you may want to adjust the recipe.

Edited to add: The closest I have ever come to 160 is 151.


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