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Books about candle making


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The Encyclopedia of Candlemaking

Candlemaking -- a step by step guide by Bob Sherman

There are others. Amazon.com might be a good place to look. Although there are a lot that aren't worth anything more than flipping through.

Otherwise, read the board and google candlemaking. You should find quite a bit of info.

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The very first time I ever got to this board was looking for a book. I have several that are just not very thorough. I was given the advice from several not to waste any more money on more books--read the board, etc. It's true. I have learned more here than I could ever learn in a book. The greatest thing that I think I have learned is how time-consuming, but necessary, all the testing is. I had no earthly idea what I was doing. Still have MUCH to learn, but at least I'm learning and realize that the learning won't ever end.

I'm not saying books are worthless. Get the basics that have been recommended here, but also do a lot of hours of reading here and on other sites.

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Thank you very much!

To be honest, I don't like to read on the screen. And I think for beginners it's easier to read a book, than searching through all the stuff that is written in a forum. I already looked on amazon, but there are so many books, that I don't know which one I could order.

And another reason is, I would like to sell some books to my customers. But that's difficult, because most of them don't speak English very well.



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