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tarts smelling like crayons!!!


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Okay can someone tell me why all of the sudden my tarts are smelling like burning crayons and the scent that I can smell is only lasting 2 hours?

I use Astorlite V for my bakery tarts and they SUCK now! They used to be so strong and last at least 8 hours for the little .07 oz cakes.

I need a replacement wax fast to fill my orders. Any recommendations for a new wax for tarts to release from silicone molds.

Help would be appreciated!

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No, I have 7. I never had an issue with any of them. 3 tealight . 2 lang and hello they suck ,the wattage is just too freaking low so they never really get hot enough to throw but you can't beat how cute they are and 2 hot plate ones from tartburners.com

Every one smells like crayons man!

So now my question is how the heck am I going to make 100 mini slices of cake by Monday with crayola.

Dude I don't have time to test new wax! I have been making candles for 6 years and been in business for 4. I found the stuff that worked for me and never strayed, why fix what ain't broke right?

I have played with blends in spare time..... but never really had anything that was "better". Plus for this application I need them to be hard, 1 pour and very opaque and have a strong throw. So 4794 and CBL 141 is out for the opaque and one pour thing. Any blending suggestions? Please? Anyone.... Help a sister out?

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Nope did not overheat the wax and the Fo is brand spankin new and it is from NG.

The wax before I even melt it it has a slight oder.


But hey it is an IGI product so who the hell knows, every batch varies with them (as all wax co's) maybe they just produce more batches and that is why we see constant changes.... but man I never had a tart that smells like burning crayons.

These people are gonna make me pull my project outta my back pocket!

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Take the temperature of your melt pool. The tarts are too hot, Top is right. I do soy, but when I check the mp temp, it should be around 160-170 for my soys. I always get a good throw with all of them around that temp.

I'm not sure what temp your wax should be at, but take the temp of a melted tart that is successfully burning and let that be your guide.

I've had that smell too.

Sometimes one FO will differ from another, I do not know why, and cause a hotter or cooler burn, as can dyes. It is a pita, I know.

Sorry for your troubles,


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