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First show of the Season & The Year


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Well...I did it. And loved this one.! There were times when I had people jammed in there. Total capacity at one point was 15. It was so much fun. Usually I can't stand shows! What's wrong with me?

Congrats on your newfound love for shows! LOL! Sounds like it was fun, having lots of people in and out.. that's always so encouraging :)

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I've always ALWAYS hated shows. For six years I do my best not to do them. But when you make 15x your booth fee...it makes it just soooo worth it.:D

Big sellers were ...drum roll please

CANDLES 50% to Soy - 50% to Soy/Par Blend

Bath Bombs

Solid Perfume

Soy Lotion

Lip Balm


Odd, but soap was just def. not going at this show.

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