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Screwed up recipe


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Ok so I decided to use a drawer for a slab mold... researched the the size and volume, came up with a recipe. Realized after I poured it, that I miscalculated the water and was exactly 2 oz. short. I do a 33% discount and this was almost a 6 lb. batch. Is it gonna turn out?

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The sweating could be overheating, too much FO, high humidity, anything. Nothing to do with the lye strength tho. Just try to leave it to rest and it will likely absorb back in. If it is still there tomorrow blot with a paper towel and let it rest again. You should be fine.

In my few short months I've screwed up an awful lot, so I know whatof I speak!

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I cut it this morning, it looked great - went back just now and noticed its "sweating"... maybe too much fo? Regardless, I think it will be ok. Thanks!

You need to chill out; you should be A-OK. Getting it in the mold is the major hurdle, and you got past it, LOL!

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