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Ok, I tried a new one called color block, I was using dye blocks. The woman at CS told me that they were pretty much the same..Im using J225 wax and havent had any problem at all with the dye blocks in this wax. The color blocks seemed to melt fine in the wax and the Fo mixed fine..but this morning when i checked my curing candles they had little bits of color block that settled on the bottom of them! My question is will this affect the burning at all and has anyone had this problem before? Im definitely changing to liquid dyes or back to my dye blocks.

Thanks for your help,


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There are two kinds of blocks on the market -- the regular ones that have been around for a while and the newer FF&C blocks that are supposed to be consistent and have no sediment.

I haven't tried the FF&C blocks and have been curious if they're good. CandleChem sells them (for example http://cgi.ebay.com/French-Color-Dye-Block-COBALT-BLUE_W0QQitemZ140015404292QQihZ004QQcategoryZ30114QQcmdZViewItem) plus there's a crappy-ass East Coast supplier that sells both those and the originals.

I think the original post is about trying the old ones after using the FF&C ones and not being satisfied, so I guess that's a good sign!

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