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This is a new recipe I made.I wash my hands with a piece of the soap,and after I dry my my hands they shrivel up.They felt so dry.Can someone please tell me what is wrong with the recipe.:D

Avocada oil-10%

Olive oil-16-%

Canola oil-15%

Mango butter-5%


PKO Flakes-14%

Coconut oil-13%

Water-24 ozs

Lye_11.3 ozs Thanks,Anna

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Hi there! I just plugged your numbers into soap calc, and for a 4 lb. batch, you have used too much lye. I'm coming up with about 9 oz. ?? Yikes, sorry to hear that! This batch looks like it will be lye heavy and not useable as it is.

Made with the correct amount of lye, however, the numbers look fine. :)

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OK, the problem is not the cure time then. I am assuming this batch would "zap" or tingle your tongue. That's how you know there's active lye left. Even at a 1% superfat, you still have quite a bit too much lye for that size of batch (I'm assuming since you used 24 oz. of water that this is the amount of lye and water you used for a 4 lb. batch.)

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Oh, ok, well if you were doing 5 lbs. of oils, then your lye amount would be fine. Is your scale accurate? If so, this recipe just may be too drying for your skin. Try decreasing the hard oils and increasing the conditioning oils such as olive. I'm coming up with about 41% soft oils and the rest in hard oils; my dry skin can't take quite that much. For dry skin, I go 60% soft (conditioning) oils and only 40% hard oils such as palm and coconut. Or if you're not comfortable with that many soft oils, go 50-50!

ETA: Johanna's Super Creamy soap recipe (www.soapsillywholesalesupplies.com) is a good one for dry skin. Has a ton of olive and some shea butter. The conditioning numbers on this are fantastic and it agrees with my dry skin. It doesn't have lots of big initial fluffy bubbles, but instead has a creamy, denser lather.


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AJ, that was so sweet and considerate of you to take the time to help Anna with that. I have been reading and reading getting up my nerve to do a cp batch. It's reassuring to know that help is available.

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