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Any EZ Soy users out there?


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I've been using EcoSoya 135 CB for my container candles. I've been checking prices and find I can get EZ Soy much cheaper, but before doing so would like to hear from those who have used it. What do you like/dislike about it? Any good qualities/bad qualities? Do you achieve good scent throw? Any info. you can share would be appreciated!

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Hi Bev. Ez Soy is the only soy wax I have ever tried and I really like it. It's very easy to use and I get an excellent cold and hot throw with most FO's that I have tried. I think the main thing people don't like is the frosting that happens on the candle tops, which doesn't bother me any. I heat the EZ soy to 170, add FO and pour around 100 and get fairly smooth tops. HTH!

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I agree that EZ Soy has the best hot and cold throw.

It does frost alot for me. So my candles are dye free.

Some people have mastered this wax and can get it not to frost, but I am not one of them.:embarasse ( And I have tried everything from beeswax to pouring temps, ect. to fiqure it out. ):rolleyes2

I also have had a lot wicking problems with it in the last year! :cry2:

Had to rewick my whole line.

(But any 100% soy, not just the EZ Soy will need testing with each new batch. Each new batch could be from different crops, which effects how it will burn.) I learned that after after I spoke to GF and Flicker at BC.

If you try EZ Soy, just know that you should test your candles with each new batch of soy wax to make sure it burns properly.

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I also use ezsoy. I love it. Just one pour. I pour at about 100 degrees as well. I've tried another type of soy and wasn't impressed due to the fact I had to pour a second time to level my candles off. Wick testing can be a pain but I quess it goes with the territory.

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WOW! The color looks gorgeous!!! ;)

How did you get the red to come out so beautiful with the EZ Soy??

Do you want to share your secret?? :confused:

I tried doing my spiced cranberry that color and it would always frost.

Sometimes worse than others.

I have poured from 97-125 and they always frosted no matter what temp I poured at, especially the deep red colors.

I could get my candles a nice pastel color with little forsting, but never the deep color you acheived!! Job well done!!

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