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Cargill C3 Wax

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I just got a case of Cargill C3 wax (I've used this for years - C2 before that) and I've never had problems. When I went to scoop this up, it was sticky and just didn't seem right. Normally this is a loose wax (it's the shavings) and you can handle it without wiping your hands. This batch was like handling butter. I had to wash my hands every time I touched it. It seemed to pour okay, but when I burned it, the flame hardly stayed burning. I did nothing different than usual (I even wick-up one size so I know that's not the problem). Anyone else have this happen? Thanks!

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My C-3 has never been like that. I would definitely check with your supplier. If it was just overly warm, I should think the burn would still be okay. If this is the first time you've used C-3, wicking up one size may not be enough.

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