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Rustic Pillars, How hard are they??

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Okay, after coming here from the gallery, I am admitting I must try a rustic pillar.. I loooove them!! How hard are they to make?? I have some IGI1260 wax and IGI4794 and IGI4761 wax here now.. Any of this work??? I just want to do a couple for myself.

We have a Hobby Lobby in town, I was thinking of just grabbing some wicking there to try, any suggestions??

Ty all for the help! And keep posting the pics, I love admiring all of your work.


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Don't use the 4794. Can't say about the other waxes. Have you got something that isn't pre-blended necessarily? Have you got something that's a pillar wax? I'm not familiar with your other waxes and won't look them up to know.

Rustics are pretty easy once you get the hang of them, just like anything else ;) There are directions to the left under techniques and ideas. Look at DCroome's firsts.

The biggest thing is if you want the whitish crusty looking stuff ... use 3 T of steric. If you don't, just pour cool.

It's pretty much a pour and slosh method. No need really to chill molds and don't force cool your candle once made either or the crust is likely to stay in the mold.

Good luck and have fun.

BTW wicking is dependent on size of mold, FO and color, so can't make a suggestion for you. And I don't get my wicking at Hobby Lobby either.

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Ty scented, appreciate the help..

The 1260 is a high MP embed wax, the 4761 a preblended votive wax. I have never attempted pillars so this is what I have on hand, lol.. But the more I see your guys pics, the more I love em.. As for size I was thinking like the standard 3" ones, gonna look for a mold to try.

I dont typically buy supplies from Hobby Lobby either, but thought it would be easier than ordering a bunch of stuff when I dont really want to make a bunch of them :).. I understand the quality is much less when buying it that way.

Thanks again!! Gonna give this more thought, lol!


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Well I haven't tried a high mp wax lol. You could if you want, but I can't help you with temp range to pour etc.

For 139ish and thereabouts waxes, it's generally within the 145-155 temp range to pour. Hobby Lobby wax would fit somewhere in the 133-139 range I believe.

Oh HL usually has once a week coupons to save on the expense of something. If I remember right, they sell the small, medium and large square braids and some zincs. I'd say try the small or medium size squares if you want for test purposes only lol.

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