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Scent.....What am I doing wrong??

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Hello All. I am basically new to the board, although, I have been reading and reading and reading the board for the past few weeks. I have a major question that I really need help with. I have been making candles for about a year now and at first, everything was absolutely wonderful. I used J50 and J223 in all sorts and sized containers and got wonderfully scented candles that people could smell when they walked in my home without the candles even being lit. I really didn't measure much of anything at all except for the scent because it is somewhat expensive. I really just estimated how much wax was in the melting pot and added the scent accordingly. I ordered a starter kit from a candle company and just went to town when I received it. I had done a lot of reading before I began and I received some information about candle making from an aquantaince at work. It was great!Well those days are long gone.After reading all the information here, I don't know how I was doing it but I have ordered tons of wax since I began and spent many hundreds of dollars on ssupplies. I ordered the same (at least I thought it was the same) J223 and J50 from the same company and for some reason, I am not able to get a scent throw to save my life. Needless to say, I measure my hiney off now. I have tried using 1/2 oz per pound of wax up to 1 oz plus per pound of wax and still nothing. I have since tried several different kinds of waxes due to frustration and I am the most frustrated potential candle maker ever.Can anybody please give me some suggestions, some tips, some help.Oh, and it is not candle nose because I have given some of my candles to my family to ask what they thought and they say the scent is faint or non-existant.Sorry this posting is so long but i really need help!!!

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i would try adding more scent.have you started adding any thing to the wax that you didnt before.and the wicks dont all burn the same if you are now useing other kinds or sizes.use the same scent you have in the past that you thought was good.

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All the supplies that I ordered came from Bitter Creek. I was using 4 oz hexa jars and I think the other ones that I used were 9 oz. I tried zinc core wicks small, medium and large.

I have since purchased wax and scent from Genwax, Lonestar and Candles and Supplies.

Thank you so much for you help.

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